What happens when you point two MacBook webcams at each other? (10 possibilities)

I recently got a new MacBook Pro. Of course, the first thing I did was use its webcam to photograph my old MacBook, something I could never do before!

The whole thing left me wondering, what would happen if I point the two webcams at each other and turn them on at the same time?

1. They blow up.


Likelihood: 45%
Rating: 2 stars

This one’s pretty straightforward. Basically the cameras can’t handle the concept of each other’s reality and respond by exploding. Like if you see your future self in Back to the Future.

2. Steve Jobs materializes.

Steve Jobs Dr Manhattan

Likelihood: 30%
Rating: 5 stars

In this scenario Steve Jobs materializes in the center of the two MacBooks. He’s basically Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen, except instead of a blue peen he has an iPhone.

3. They fall in love and make a Mac Mini.

It's a mini

Likelihood: 2%
Rating: 2 stars

This is too cute! (And so are Mac Minis) I really hope this doesn’t happen, or I’d have to put it on cuteoverload.com, maybe STFU Parents. But if it did happen, I’d have a pretty sweet machine to run Boxee.

4. A hologram of Steve Jobs appears.

Steve Jobs Star Wars hologram

Likelihood: 75%
Rating: 3 stars

OK maybe this is more realistic. Here Steve Jobs still materializes, but this time as a hologram who says “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope”.

5. A portal to another world opens.


Likelihood: 6%

Think Sliders, Stargate, Imagination Land, etc. A portal opens upon another world and that world may very well be a new Apple Store. A strange emissary emerges and asks, “Can I put that on your credit card”?

6. The MacBook Pro eats the MacBook.

MacBook Pro eats Macbook

Likelihood: 23%

This is simple survival of the fittest and its a MacBook-eat-MacBook world out there. The stronger MacBook Pro cannibalizes the MacBook, harvesting its RAM and battery charge. And its not on AppleCare anymore either!

7. Tripped-out viral art ensues.

Viral imagery

Likelihood: 55%;
Rating: 2 stars

Have you ever wondered how the Animal Collective got started? They pointed two MacBooks at each other and kazaam! Kick-ass viral imagery! Goodbye Ramen noodles, hello platinum album.

8. A hologram of the cool Mac guy gets projected.

Cool Mac guy hologram

Likelihood: 40%
Rating: 1 star

The only thing cooler than the Mac guy is a sweet hologram. You’re so cool MacGuy, can I be you? (For under $1000?)

9. A wack PC guy hologram who won’t leave.

Wack PC guy hologram

Likelihood: <1%
Rating: No stars

Ahhhh! This is even worse, and the PC guy doesn’t even mention Obi-Wan, he just talks about how he has calculator. Who invited you PC guy? You’re like Gary Busey.

10. iTunes boots up and tries to sell you stuff.


Likelihood: 100%
Rating: 1 star

OK this is definitely what actually happens. Just like whenever you try to do anything on Mac OSX: iTunes boots up and logs you into the Apple store.

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